A small intro about our Hard Floor Cleaning service

Looking for a solid hard floor cleaning Christchurch? Want your floors to sparkle without breaking the bank? You’re in luck! Topway Carpet Cleaning has got you covered. We’re the go-to for hard floor cleaning in Christchurch city and nearby spots. Vinyl, tile, – you name it, we clean it. With top-notch gear and skills, we tackle any size job. Big or small, we promise your floors will be looking brand new.

Why Choose Us for Hard Floor Cleaning Christchurch?

Topway Carpet Cleaning is all about rocking hard floor cleaning in Christchurch. Our squad of certified tech wizards is ready for any hard floor challenge – they treat those floors like royalty. Our hard floor cleaner are all about green vibes, using eco-friendly stuff that won’t mess with your fam, pets, or Mother Earth. Our machines are straight-up beasts, banishing dirt, stains, and even scratches from your floors without breaking a sweat. Plus, we’re into preventive vibes, slapping on a protective sealant to keep your floors looking fresh. Our hard floor cleaner are so sure you’ll love it that we’ve got a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not feeling the love? No worries – we’ll swing by and re-do the job for free.

Our Vinyl Floor Cleaning Care & Maintenance Process

Checkin' it Out

We eyeball your floor real good, figuring out how to scrub it clean and spotting any issues it's got.

Tiny Test Drive

We test a smidge of your floor to see which stuff won't mess it up and still gets the job done.


We hit up your floors with some cool cleaning gear, wiping away dirt, stains, and all those gross germs that mess with your health.

Old Polish Be Gone

We use top-notch products to scrape off that ancient polish and slap on a fresher, better one.

Lockin' it Down

After the successful strip-off, we lock in the freshness, making sure no dirt decides to camp out in your vinyl's pores.

Shiny Vibes

We throw on 3-6 coats of this dope non-slip polish, giving your vinyl floor a shine that'll have you seeing your mug in the tiles long after we bounce.

Our Process For Hard Floor Cleaning Services

When you get us to do the hard floor cleaning solution in Christchurch, it’s gonna be a breeze. Here’s the lowdown on how we get down with your hard floors:

Step One

We eyeball your floors, checking out what's what. We chat with you, get the deets on what you want, and toss you a free quote that's right on the money.

Step Two

We clear the decks, moving stuff around. We give your floors a once-over with the vacuum to kick the dirt to the curb.

Step Three

We slather on some cleaning magic, using a whirly machine or a scrubby pad. We're talking deep-clean action, shaking off the dirt and grime.

Step Four

We hose down your floors with hot water, sucking up the nasty stuff with a heavy-duty vacuum. We leave your floors looking fly and bone-dry.

What Types of Hard Floors We Clean in Christchurch?

We can clean any type of hard floor in Christchurch, including:

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Christchurch

Vinyl floors, like, super tough, cheap, and do all kinds of things. But, hey, they can also get messy, kinda boring, and messed up as time goes by. That's where we step in with our vinyl floor cleaning service in Christchurch. We've got these cool products and gear to clean up and make your vinyl floors look snazzy again. Oh, and we can even strip and seal them so they won't get scratched, stained, or lose their vibe.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Christchurch

Tile and grout floors look good and are easy to clean. However, they can collect dirt, mold, and bacteria. That's where our tile and grout cleaning service in Christchurch comes in. We'll use our strong steam cleaning method to clean and sanitize your floors.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Christchurch

Laminate floors: cool and not pricey, but they might scratch or stain. That's where our Christchurch laminate floor cleaning comes in. We'll clean and polish with our special stuff, adding a shiny shield for extra awesomeness.

Other Hard Floor Cleaning Christchurch

Cleaning different hard floors in Christchurch is a breeze for us – marble, slate, terrazzo, and more, you name it. We've got the skills to tackle any hard floor cleaning challenge effortlessly. Got a hard floor? We'll make it look fantastic with our top-notch cleaning service in Christchurch.

How Much Does Hard Floor Cleaning Cost in Christchurch?

Cleaning your hard floors in Christchurch doesn’t follow a fixed price tag. It’s like a puzzle with pieces like floor type, size, and condition. How dirty are they? How often do you want the magic touch? We promise our prices are fair and clear. Before we bust out the cleaning moves, you get a free quote – no strings attached. And guess what? Loyal pals get discounts. Refer a friend or drop us a review? More discounts! We’re all about giving you bang for your buck when it comes to hard floor cleaning in Christchurch.
Check out our service prices:
3x Coats Polish per square meter $11

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Searching for a top-notch hard floor cleaning Christchurch? Topway Carpet Cleaning is your go-to crew. We’re the kings of hard floor cleaning, been at it for ages, making heaps of happy customers. Got fancy gear and tricks to clean any floor type.
Hit us up for a free quote, a solid satisfaction guarantee, and a friendly vibe. Book us now in Christchurch to rock those spotless, stunning floors. Call 021 172 2593, email – topwaycarpet@gmail.com, or hit our online form. Holler at us – we’re all about cleaning floors in Christchurch!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is hard floor cleaning worth it?
Totally worth it! Keeps ’em looking sharp, prevents scratches, and kicks out dust and allergens for better air quality.
What is the best way to clean hard surface floors?
Depends on your floor type. For solid, broom, vacuum, or a dust mop do the trick. Wipe it down with a mild cleaner or vinegar solution. Laminate? Skip water, go for a dry mop or vacuum, and hit spots with a laminate floor cleaner.
How do you clean really dirty hard floors?
Consider a stronger cleaner or steam mop, but test it in a hidden spot first. Steer clear of abrasive tools and harsh chemicals.
How do you clean 100 year old hard floors?
Be gentle! No water or steam. Dust and dirt? Dry mop or vacuum. Polish or wax can bring back the shine and protect from scratches. Follow instructions and test on a small spot, though.

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