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Experience premier carpet cleaning in Christchurch with TopWay Carpet Cleaning. We offer eco-friendly, effective solutions for homes and businesses. Enjoy fast, reliable service and guaranteed satisfaction. Book now to transform your space.

Carpet Cleaning Christchurch

Welcome to TopWay Carpet Cleaning, your trusted partner for fresh, clean carpets and Upholstery in Christchurch. We take pride in our high quality of service – every carpet gets the royal treatment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relaxing living room rug or a whole office full of carpets; we have the tools and talent to make them shine.

Our machines are perfect and powerful, and our products are eco-friendly, so we are tough on dirt but gentle on the planet. We clean carpets, rugs, and even upholstery, making everything look and feel new.

Did you have a carpet emergency? We’re here 24/7—just give us a shout, and we’ll be on our way. We have been doing this for more than 3+ years, and the people of Christchurch love us. They love how fast and reliable we are and our fantastic prices.

Call us at 02108162110(Leo) for your quote, and you’ll see why we are the best carpet cleaners in town. Your carpets will thank you.

Get Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

At TopWay Carpet Cleaning in Christchurch, our team is passionate about all things deep cleaning. One of our favorite methods, ‘steam cleaning’ or hot water extraction, is perfect for trickling up all the tough dirt and old stains that plague your favorite carpet or rug. How we leave your carpet squeaky clean:
  • High-Efficiency Techniques:– we blast hot water with a lot of pressure into the carpet fibres, letting the dirt loose. Then, strong vacuums twist up all the dirty water quickly. This all happens with the help of the equipment inside our trucks. And it’s not just clean; the germs can’t handle the heat either. We clean them with water up to 210F, which kills them. 
  • Top-Notch Stain Removal: our machines can handle more than 12 gallons of water. This helps us pull the most challenging stains and leave your carpets almost dry. This simple step ensures that your best features dry super fast.
  • Safe for Everyone: We only use eco-friendly products that are safe for kids and pets, as they don’t leave bad smells or sticky residue.
After Our Visit, Christchurch Homes Enjoy: Fresh, Soft Carpets – carpets that feel new and have no tiny bits of allergen in them.  Deeply Cleaned – long-time hidden dirt and oil are pulled out, making your carpet look and feel fresh.  No Stains or Smells – pet traces disappear as the nasties they carry are all killed.  Quick to Dry—We have a special treatment that will make your carpet dry twice as fast.  Hire TopWay Carpet Cleaning for a thorough treatment that is done right.


Here you will get environment friendly Carpet Cleaning Service.

IICRC Certified

We have professional and experienced team member at your service.

100% Quality

We prefer quality over quantity & you will get 100% quality works.

Fast and Efficient

We will provide fast and efficient service for your full satisfaction.

Why Choose TopWay Carpet Cleaning in Christchurch?

At TopWay Carpet Cleaning, we prefer excellence in carpet cleaning. We make sure every clean is top-notch and kind to the planet. Here’s why you should pick us:

Eco-friendly Products

We genuinely care about our people’s well-being and our world. Our products are certified green. The benefit is that they are just as good as everyday cleaning products, although no terrible things are left behind and no strong scents. Plus, they are safe for the environment, your loved ones, and your pets.

IICRC Certified Team

Our teams are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which indicates that they are eager to clean more than on a basic level.

100% Quality Works

We assure you of the grade of all our work. We pay attention to the little details and ensure that it is great whenever we get it done. 

Fast and Efficient Service

We understand that you are a busy person. We clean quickly and use the newer methodology to complete it effectively and rapidly so that the space is left bright. Trust TopWay Carpet Cleaning if you are looking for planet enthusiasts who will take the time to get the job through properly.

Topway Carpet Cleaning | Your Christchurch Specialists

If you live in Christchurch and need an expert for a carpet cleaning job, then TopWay Carpet Cleaning should be your top choice. We pride ourselves on cleaning your home or office carpets to make them look and feel new. Our technicians are highly certified and skilled to ensure we give the best outcomes possible. 

We cover anything from fragile residential carpets to more challenging carpets, such as commercial ones. We specialize in steam cleaning carpets, taking great care of upholstery, and cleaning hard floors with precision. 

Our passion for the environment is immense; thus, we only use eco-friendly products that are both safe and do the job, meaning we clean, not a planet. Our technicians should give you confidence, so we offer a money-back guarantee.

 TopWay Carpet Cleaning Goal: Our science is to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which gives us flexible scheduling and competitive pricing to fit your specific needs perfectly.

Best Carpet Cleaning We Offer

At TopWay Carpet Cleaning in Christchurch, we do more than just clean carpets. We provide a full cleaning service to ensure every part of your home or business is sparkling and healthy.

Carpet Cleaning Christchurch
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Topway Carpet Cleaning

Topway Carpet Cleaning is a residential and commercial steam carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hard floor cleaning company in Christchurch and surrounding area with affordable price and money back guarantee. We making sure that every customer is 100% happy, we making sure of 100% service guarantee, we are using 100% Eco-friendly products.

Keep your carpets clean
with Topway Carpet Cleaning.
We provide high quality commercial and residential steam carpet, upholstery,as well as hard floor cleaning services to Christchurch and surronding areas. With affordable rates and flexible options, we always offer our clients the most efficient solution to suit their needs.
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Best Upholstery Cleaning Service

Your sofas, chairs, and mattresses gather stains and allergens over time. Our skilled technicians handle these tough messes with care. We treat stained areas first, then clean the whole piece with safe, non-toxic solutions. Our gentle, low-moisture method lifts dirt without damaging delicate fabrics. Regular cleaning of your upholstery can:

  • Clear out built-up dirt
  • Revive the colors of your fabrics
  • Eliminate pet odors
  • Kill bacteria and cut down allergens
  • Prevent stains from setting in
  • Prolong the life of your furniture

Perfect Hard Floor Cleaning Service

Regular vacuums and mops can miss a lot. Our advanced floor cleaning tackles hard surfaces like tile, stone more deeply. We clean in hard-to-reach spots, like grout lines, making your floors immaculate. We also offer sealants and finishes to keep your floors looking great and easier to clean. This service helps:

  • Remove old dirt and grime
  • Deep clean grout and textures
  • Leave no sticky residue
  • Protect and enhance floor colours
  • Make regular cleaning easier
  • Extend the life of your floors

Flood Restoration Service

Floods are sudden and damaging, but we’re ready to act fast 24/7. We remove water and dry everything quickly using the latest technology to minimize damage. This helps prevent mold and structural issues. Our flood service includes:

  • Fast removal of water
  • Drying of floors and walls
  • Prevention of water damage
  • Quick action against mould
  • Clean-up of flood residues
  • Reducing costly repairs

Professional best Cleaning
Services for you

Carpet Cleaning

We offer deep steam carpet cleaning with affordable price using truckmount cleaning system

Upholstery Cleaning

With the newest Hydramaster high flow tool fast drying and better results are achieved

Hard Floor Cleaning

Stripping buffing and polishing service for all kinds of vinyl floor as well as deep tile floor cleaning

Flood Restoration

Water extraction for flooded carpet along with carpet dryers for hire on call available 24/7

We Have Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Products

At Topway Carpet Cleaning, we use only the best carpet care products. They are safe and work well. All our products have green certificates from the IICRC and Wool Safe. They are made from natural plants and clean dirt easily without any harsh chemicals like bleach or phosphates.

We have a special product called Michelangelo. It’s great for Christchurch homes with pets. It uses strong enzymes and smell-neutralizers to get rid of pet odors and stains.

When we clean, we also add a protector. This helps your carpets and upholstery stay clean longer until the next professional clean.

Customized Care for Diverse Carpet Needs

Our Christchurch carpet cleaning team has been cleaning carpets for 3+ years. They know how to clean any NZ carpet or rug, whether made of nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, natural fibers, or expensive fancy imported ones. We adapt our cleaning techniques for each fiber so we can clean it all the way without damaging the carpet’s looks and life, even in high-traffic areas. 

We’re also great at caring for treasure heirloom oriental rugs that want extra careful handling. Our experts have mats, so we clean using a BioPure clean and wash mixture. Our technicians are certified and eager to learn new skills on washing a rug and more. This makes them ready to clean whatever the task on the job carpet cleaner. We can clean all types of rugs and carpets for the little or huge houses, golf clubs, or office places in all of great Christchurch.

Clear and Honest Pricing Models

At Topway Carpet Cleaning, we are best for clear and fair pricing. There are never any hidden additional fees. We offer you a fixed price when you book our carpet or upholstery cleaning services. Your requirements will determine the total cost, whether it’s a small rug or a whole house. We’ll even match the cost if you discover a cheaper one. 

Also, we provide urgent free quotations over the phone or by coming to see it ourselves, if required, for flooding. We’ll determine the seam equipment that will be necessary to remedy the damage. We want every aspect of working with us to be simple, obvious, and fair for everyone in Christchurch.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services

Topway carpet cleaning Christchurch is always ready to help at any time of day. Carpet stains and floods can happen without warning, so we offer emergency services around the clock. If you have a flood, our team can arrive within an hour, at night, on weekends, or during holidays. For less urgent issues, we’re often available the next day.

Christchurch homeowners and business managers can rely on us for quick cleaning and drying. To prevent further damage, call us at 021 172 2593 for fast help with any carpet emergency.


Popular Pricing Package For all cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

2 Bedrooms + 1 Living from $150
3 Bedrooms + 1 Living from $180
4 Bedrooms + 1 Living from $200
5 Bedrooms + 1 Living from $220
Extra Room from $20
Stairs from $20

Tough Stains from


Upholstery Cleaning

Couch from $45 per Seater
Lazy boy from $50 per Seater
Armchair from $50 per Seater
Chair from $20 each

Ottoman  from


Single Mattress $70
Double Mattress $110

Hard Floor Cleaning

3x Coats Polish per square meter $11

Flood Restoration

Water Extraction per square meter $20

Trustworthy Carpet Cleaning Services Experts

We have cleaned carpets and area rugs in Christchurch for over ten years. Our talented technicians have obtained the necessary certifications from the IICRC and NZ federal organizations. Each staff member has also attended in-depth training in many of our available services, from carpet cleaning to floor care, from flood restoration to fabric care. 

Our good reputation precedes us, and most new clients come as a result of referrals from satisfied homeowners and local property managers. My staff will provide excellent service and exceptional cleaning.

Protective Treatments for Long - Lasting Cleanliness

Your upholstery doesn’t stay clean because it works a lot. That’s why Topway Carpet Cleaning also provides additional protection for your furniture. We might want to apply a unique protectant when cleaning your upholstery. It will stay fresher for longer in this manner. An invisible shield will be used over your upholstery. 

In other words, nothing would soak through it, including serum, as you can merely blanch it. The stains will also be more relaxed to ignore the following time. It means keeping your upholstery appearing decent is much more convenient. Ask our technicians for further advice since you are enthusiastic about which protection is right for you.

Why We Are Christchurch's Best Carpet Cleaners

These are just a few of the things that make Topway Carpet Cleaning the top choice for people in Christchurch who need a “carpet cleaner near me” Google search. First and foremost, we have been cleaning carpets in Christchurch for more than three years. Second, we use a truck-mounted steam cleaning method, which is very effective. 

Additionally, our powerful vacuums can extract more than 12 gallons of water in a single use, allowing your flooring to dry more quickly. Third, it should be noted once more that we never use cleaning chemicals that are not green-certified. Next, our service to your home or office is fast and efficient. Additionally, our work is completed as soon as possible. 

We tailor our cleaning methods to suit different materials, ensuring the best care for your carpets. Our service is top quality, from start to finish. Choose Topway Carpet Cleaning for reliable and effective carpet cleaning in Christchurch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months to keep carpets fresh and extend their lifespan. High traffic areas may need cleaning more frequently.
We utilize powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction to steam clean carpets. Our green solutions break down dirt while our industrial vacuums remove debris for a deep clean.
In addition to carpets, we professionally clean upholstery, area rugs, tile and grout, air ducts, mattresses, flood damage restoration, and more.
Our hot water extraction is far more effective at removing allergens and dust while truck-mounted gear is 100X more powerful than rental units.
Our technicians carefully move most basic furniture pieces to fully access all carpeted rooms and stairs included in service.
As each home is unique, we offer free quotes accounting for size of home and rooms getting cleaned. Great rates available!
We serve all neighborhoods within 30 miles of Christchurch providing a map of exact areas upon request.
Yes! We expertly clean carpets in offices, stores retail locations, medical facilities and more with flexible schedules.
We offer an exclusive 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee with our high-quality carpet cleaning services.

Happy Client Feedback

Amazing service and easy to organise! We have used mikes team twice and always will. Thanks.
Lauren Coghlan
Highly recommend – lovely guys, affordable service, and they did a fantastic job on our carpets. They also cleaned a blue & white rug we’d had under the dining table for years (with kids!) so well that it looks new – I can’t believe they got some of those marks out! 10/10 will definitely use again. 
Kristy Clarkson
I have those guys for my carpet and sofa cleaning, they are very professional team, easy to communicate, clear about what they need to do and get things done very quick. I’d rather say the sofa looks the same as brand new. Best experience for me and really recommend them to anyone who need cleaning service.Amazing job!
Xi Chen
Have them cleaned my carpet and sofa, they did an amazing job, they removed the red drink spot that the last carpet cleaner didnt, the sofa looks like new. highly recommend.
Celine W
Very professional and a high quality job with a great price. Will use everything I need my carpets cleaned.
Linda Laurenson
This company are amazing, found on the off chance and use them for our carpet and any furniture that need cleaning at our holiday homes, highly recommend them.
Jo Greensmith
Very fast response, efficient and at a reasonable price. Both Mike and Leo were very friendly and upfront with costs. I’d recommend them.
Pierrick Parigot
Very prompt arrival and excellent service.Very nice gentlemen.
Lesley Seyb
Satisfied customers here. They did a very good job and great value for the money. Recommended.
Daryl Friesen
Very responsive to messages even on a weekend and evening hours. Able to do job on a short notice. On time and service was A+. Our carpets are very clean now, as well as large rugs. Highly recommended!
Marielle Gementiza
I recently had my carpets cleaned, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The cleaning service was thorough, removing stains I thought were permanent. The carpets look and feel rejuvenated, and the entire house smells fresh. I highly recommend their professional and efficient service!
Amanda Liang

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